About OptionOne Lab

OptionOne Lab, as a vendor of EHR solution, is dedicated to improve clinical and operational quality to physician practices and other health care providers. Our EHR software offers streamlined efficient ways to order lab tests and receive lab results, medical records / patient charts and marketing email templates.

Our Free EHR software, is not intended to replace your existing EHR or EMR, has access to a nationwide lab network that incorporates OptionOne Lab's pre-negotiated lab tests discounted prices specifically for your "cash pay" and patients with "high deductible" insurance.

Our patient focused, cost-effective pricing allows for practitioners to expand their clinical practice with the implementation of lab tests into their patient-care protocol.

OptionOne Lab Offers


EHR Software Offers

  • Digital-based portal
    • Paperless lab tests ordering from EHR software.
    • Results directly to EHR software.
  • Centralized database of all patient lab tests results
    • History.
    • Progress.
    • Analytical review.
  • Immediate results download
    • Notifications via text and email messages.
  • Lab tests up to 90% discounted.
  • OptionOne lab customizable lab panels
    • Individualized to suit your practice.
    • Have access to over 3,800 lab tests and panels.
  • Data and viewer access protection to ensure back-office HIPAA compliance.
  • Value added service and patient retention.
  • Patient charts.
  • Scheduling.
  • Marketing HTML email templates.

Why Choose OptionOne Lab

OptionOne Lab is greatly invested in the improvement of the laboratory test model. Our goal is for clinicians to use this essential tool to maximize their patient care.

OptionOne Lab has developed a new system to assist healthcare practitioners with optimal accessibility to laboratory ordering. Our system provides.