Benefits Of OptionOne Lab

OptionOne Lab is greatly invested in the improvement of the laboratory test model. Our goal is for clinicians to use this essential tool to maximize their patient care.

OptionOne Lab has developed a new system to assist healthcare practitioners with optimal accessibility to laboratory ordering. Our system provides:

  • Specifically structured panels that provide a wide variety of important options in the assessment process. Our panels are developed with a clinician's perspective in mind to ensure efficient test selections.
  • Organization and prioritization of ordering and tracking of laboratory data.
  • Bidirectional software interfaced with certified and tested processes from Quest Diagnostics DEX system.
  • The ability to produce beneficial office reports.
  • Advantages in technological advantages through connection to other software and HL-7 application, format.
  • The option to send automated communications and notifications to Patients’ Computer Secretary™.
  • Minimizes amount of time and money spent on administration and record keeping.
  • Limits viewer access in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

The OptionOne Lab software has been developed to streamline the ordering and downloading of laboratory results, saving money for both the doctor and the patient. Our innovative system is complimentary once registering and creating an account with OptionOne Lab.